Computer Center

  • CIMT computer center is equipped with state of the art hardware and latest software facilities to handle the data processing requirements of the faculty and students. One server and more than 30 P-IV nodes are connected via a well-structured Ethernet LAN. The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled for all its authorized users.
  • The campus network is supported by a large server farm with high speed servers, running on a wide variety of platforms. Many servers on this network make use of Linux and open source software for providing the necessary services. For every workgroup (faculty, students, staff, MDP participants, etc.), there is a set of dedicated servers which provide a core layer of services like Internet access, and file/print services.

  • The E-mail facility is managed through Google which provides us web based email client, built in chat facility, Google docs, Google apps, Google sites and few other facilities as well.
  • Every student and faculty member has a high end networked personal computer or laptop at his or her disposal.

  • The Institute's network is linked to the Internet via a set of dedicated leased lines enabling round-the-clock Internet connectivity on the campus. All the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from whom the Institute has procured Internet bandwidth have installed fiber optics link from the campus to their hub. This ensures very high quality of bandwidth to the Internet.
  • The institute has an Acer Pro-S series online/offline server with transparent failover running on Windows Server 2008 also the network have a dual D-link high speed 150mbps Cisco certified switches for high speed internet browsing with network decongestion features and automatic load balancing.