Director Message

Dear Students,

Greetings from Central Institute of Management and Technology. In today's business world, global barriers are breaking down and international commerce and trade are beyond the control of any one particular country. The result is the formation of a dynamic global economy that connects the markets of all nations in fundamental and complex ways. The ability of one country’s economy to impact those of other countries has changed the global business environment profoundly. In this fast-changing scenario, it is our responsibility to modify our viewpoint in order to think globally and to incorporate this new perspective into the management education that we provide so as to meet the challenges of change.

Central Institute is setting different standards of excellence in world-class management education. We develop in our students the skill sets and competencies that they will need in order to be effective decision-makers and business leaders at various levels. We have a commitment to delivering an internationally-oriented education to each of our students, not only in regard to course structure but also as far as course content is concerned. As an example, we are constantly covering of newly emerging areas like e-commerce and global business communication by inviting international faculty. Central Institute shares the vision of its parent body, The Oregon Educational Society (OES), in the overall development of our future global leaders. We are committed to the grooming of our students through means such as corporate exposure and the review of global case studies. We make them successful global leaders who will be amply prepared to take up emerging global business opportunities. We welcome you and wish you all success.

Dr. M.S. Goel