President Message

The Oregon Educational Society (OES) has come about as a result of the educational revolution in India. Education is dear to my heart, and I have immense faith in its power. In all of God’s creation, nothing surpasses mankind in either his complexity or his intellectual faculties. It is through education and the sharing of ideas that mankind has been able to develop his mental abilities, act decisively in a dynamic world, give birth to the myriad cultures of which we are all a part, and codify the value systems by which we live. In the current age, a professional education is a powerful tool, one that has the power to impact the world in significant ways if wielded properly. Professionalism in every activity creates result-oriented leaders and therefore has the potential to effect change in every sector with which these individuals are associated.

I am thankful to the Almighty for giving me chance to contribute to the noble cause of spreading opportunities to pursue, quality professional education around the world. Our dedicated team is committed to molding future generations into responsible and able leaders. We have a number of ideas, models, and plans for the rising future generations that will facilitate the creation of a stronger and more diverse global business environment. It is indeed a great pleasure to play a role in the foundation of The OES, an organization that will usher in a new era in the area of quality-based, world-class professional education. At Central Institute, our focus is on the overall development of our future global leaders. We are committed both to offering a program of study that will be unmatched in its superiority as well as to developing ethical and responsible global citizens.

We warmly and enthusiastically welcome all students who are committed to the vision of Central Institute.

Tasneem Jafri